Country: Australia


My name is Mitchell Lancaster, I’m a 24 year old singer songwriter. I have struggled against, and learnt to work with my mental health issues throughout my teen years (and many others). When I was 16 years old, I attempted to take my own life. 2 years later, I was introduced to music.
I have always had a passion for creating and sharing stories, and music was a light that showed me that I was able to transmute my own struggle into a narrative that could, perhaps, land for others and resonate with experiences that are not so isolated as we may believe.
“Winter” is a song I have written myself and produced with my band Dreams of Indigo, and comes at the tale of mental illness from the perspective of an old lover – one who you fail to lock the doors on time and time again.
Sharing this story has allowed me to move productively with my own pain, and opened my eyes to the stigma that surrounds these struggles, and my own desire to demystify it.

Baby Dante’s Hearing Loss Journey

Welcome to the Journey of Dante’s Hearing Loss.
Born Deaf, We received our first set of Hearing Aids at 3.5wks old, after one year and no progress with access to sound, Dante was Implanted with Cochlear Implants, 1 month after his First Birthday.

BOOM, We have access to sound! Now He can hear his mum and dad for the very first time.

We continue to learn Auslan Sign Language, and provide others with Auslan through our daily Tiktok Videos, and creating awareness about deaf children within our community.

Liberty Beyond Matrix

A story of fighting against invisible forces that control the space of the unconscious mind and taking back the ownership of mind power. When most of us live in COVID 19 Pandemic fear, I had prepared myself since birth. My mother intended to kill me at my birth. My birthday was my apology day. The awakening moment at age six led my hands truly on what humanity is looking for but afraid most of us to find. It saved me from driving myself to the end due to the fear of being poisoned or abandoned; daily slavery and torture; being disfigured and blackmailed by family; forced marriage; the threat of being removed from genealogy; a potential accidental murder in Fi Ji sea; mental crash knowing my immediate death was expected when I reached my dreamed success in the early thirties. Regaining the lost territory of the unconscious mind is the path to liberty living beyond the mind prison, where mental suffering, fear of death, the sense of uncertainty, and after death do not exist.

Chaos To Christ

My childhood and teenage years were full of struggle. My parents were controlling and strict. I started running away and rebelling from them from the age of 15 and eventually became a single mum at the age of 20. I had an alcohol and drug problem and was consumed in the party life and constantly getting stuck in toxic relationships with bad guys.
My life was a mess until I surrendered and called out to God for help at the age of 27. Within 1 year my life changed, I found the man of my dreams, I went from broke to wealthy, I started a new life in a new city and built a new family.
Since then I’ve been able to build a 7 figure business helping to reduce poverty in the Philippines. My life changed because I found God and I want others to find him too. Life doesnt have to be your own struggle, you can rely on God’s help to guide you through.

Inca Warrior – Awaking the Voice Within

Pitch your story…At the age of 6 I became a carer for my mother who has been constantly suicidal through my life. I too am a survivor of child abuse and have had first-hand experience with PTSD. Statistics show that due to my history I am at higher risk of suicide and ongoing mental health issues. I refuse to accept this. I am living proof that as individuals we can change this reality.

When I was growing up I had no idea that my personal story would end up impacting the lives of thousands of Australians. I have the bloodline of the traditional Inca people in me. I feel fortunate that those who have walked before me have smashed the poverty cycle, breaking the integrational trauma cycle that has allowed me to become the person I am today. #incawarrior

An Alternative Future

This is a story of contrast beginning with imperial to metric, work to self employed, impoverished to rich and back again and the knowledge learned to affect the lives of many others.