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Victim To Empowered

Sexual abuse survivor Romecca Sawers displays her courage and inner strength as she moves through her journey in her life to rise and inspire many.


After losing her sister to cancer Angel decided to use her skills as an award-winning hairdresser and help people suffering from hair loss subsequently changing the quality of life for many.

The Wellness Bus

While Adrian was researching ways to combat one of the most aggressive breast cancers, suddenly his quest became much more personal when his wife got diagnosed. When her oncologist had suggested having more surgery, Adrian’s scientific knowledge meant that they were able to identify more options. Their ‘Wellness Bus’ idea was born out of them wanting to provide women in similar situations with options and a sense of power. Adrian and Elisa have ever since been trying to bring quality care and answers to women in rural Queensland and beyond.

The Voice of Visibility

Anna’s journey starts in New Zealand as the child of Russian Jewish refugee parents. The promise of freedom instead turned into displacement, emotional and sexual abuse. Her 20’s saw her falling into a toxic cocktail of drugs, alcohol, and bad relationships resulting in her own body attacking itself with a disfiguring skin condition. Devastation or a blessing in disguise? Follow Anna’s journey from a deep sense of inferiority to the right to be visible and beyond.

Living Thing

During the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown, seven Melbourne-based musicians collaborate through the internet to compose the soundtrack of our soul.

Bee Mindful

Maree plays an essential role in our modern way of life. If it wasn’t for her and other beekeepers like herself, our civilization would soon crumble. Plain and simple. Her care for her bees, garden and other animals shines through and urges us to also do something for our gem of a planet. How can you be more mindful of the environment?

Mind, Body and Spirit

Genice has cerebral palsy, a condition that is caused by abnormal development or damage to the parts of the brain that control movement, balance, and posture. She has been confined to her wheelchair for all her life and had no hope for her conditions to ever get better. Until her visit with Steve Richards Dream Time Healing using Holographic Kinetics where, after one session “it was like the light got switched on…” according to her mother. After her visit, one of the practitioners (Kalka) has suggested that she now starts her physical training so that she can continue to heal and might even stand on her own one day!

Lively Youngsters

Everyone was worried about her future. No one understood her commitment. They warned her about her decision, even without knowing what does a social worker do. This isn’t only Andrea’s career, her life is one with these Lively Youngsters.

The War That Came Home

Jesse returned to civilian life, with nothing. Struggling to transfer his skills that he learned in the army into meaningful work, he was rejected because of his PTSD, alcohol dependence, anxiety and depression. On June 27th, 2017, feeling left behind by a failing system Jesse’s life took a tragic turn.

Army of Love

After experiencing an intense moment in the army at the age of 20, Niv felt that there must be a better way… This led him on a magical journey where he has met incredible, powerful humans, that showed him a different perspective for life.

Dream to Reality

At 11 Curtis made his first short film, went on learning about performing arts and soon became his school’s go-to videographer. After some contemplation and research, he has decided to incorporate his first business and provide video services to other schools too.

Teach Or Not To Teach

This story of peer to peer learning offers a rare glimpse into Chris’ truly unique classroom. You might think you’ve wandered into a classroom of a Montessori school, however this wonderful land of learning-by-doing exist as an island-of-refuge within the well conformed, regulated and some might say corrupted sea of public school classrooms.