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Songs Of A Refugee

Jasna’s refugee journey is full of challenges and struggles but she always strives to succeed and lead by example. She believes in gratitude and good in people. She tries to surround herself with arts and creates something new every day.

Adversity to Adventure

Starting life an unwanted child, an early pregnancy and tragic death of her fiancée was the catalyst for realizing who she was. Now, embracing the essence of the adversity, Trina is passionate about sharing the message of the freedom available to us all when life is lived as your authentic self.

A Stroke of Poetry

Six years post stroke, Shelagh is now a published author of her stroke poems; ‘A Stroke of Poetry’; a motivational speaker and volunteer Stroke Safe Ambassador with the Stroke Foundation. She now shares stroke awareness with corporate, health and community organisations, stressing the impact the emotional side of stroke can have upon your life but also the importance of living a healthy life, full of positivity and hope.

Reasons To Live

As a child growing up in a home with family violence, Brisbane author Jas Rawlinson often felt alone, fearful, and uncertain. After struggling through her teens, losing her dad to suicide, and then experiencing sexual assault at age 20, she fell deeper and deeper into depression. Often, suicide felt like the only way out. But in the back of her mind, there was a small flicker of hope; a desire to one day help others so that they didn’t have to suffer the same traumas alone. Slowly, Jas began to regain control of her life, and explore her passions, eventually becoming a freelance journalist, the founder of Brisbane’s first domestic violence memorial, and the author of the suicide prevention book ‘Reasons to Live One More Day, Every Day.’

Life of Kylie

Kylie had a rough childhood, followed by an extremely traumatic domestic violence relationship. Many times she suffered from suicidal thoughts, and was constantly on the run or seeking refuge in women’s shelters. Tragically, Kylie lost both her father and brother to suicide, but has risen from the ashes and turned her life around; creating an incredible and purposeful life that now inspires many others. This is her story…

Trials of Chris Bilborough

Having been described as the “Mastermind” behind investment property selling on the Gold Coast back in the 80’s, Chris has created the paradigm which now makes up an estimated 80% of investment property sales in Australia. This is his account of the ACCC led Federal Court hearing that left him broke, with not many friends and family standing by him. It however prepared him for what life might throw at him next.

Journey of a Hazara

Ali was only 9 years old when his mother had no choice but to send him away on the back of a donkey on an epic two year long dangerous journey, only to end up back where he has started… You can say that young Ali had it rough, however he is more concerned about the kids that still face this reality.

Boob Buddies

This is the story of Barbara, the founder of Boob Buddies. She provides free in-home professional counseling to help children and adults cope with the unseen emotional side-effect of cancer.

Elysian Dreams

Elysian Dreams is Anita’s escape and sanity. The artistic outlet of a single mum of three, who is challenged by her life every single day determined not to give up, but to persevere for her children and for everyone out there searching for a more meaningful life.

Build on Strengths

For some strange reason – or perhaps we’re nurtured into this – everyone seems to focus on their weaknesses… Find out how and why Danny chooses to focus on the opposite.

Sound Of My Soul

We’re often held down by our past and overwhelmed by our present struggles, however “this has nothing to do with your future at all” says Candice… after battling bullies, depression, and alcohol she’s now building her own record label to help the new generation of musicians have a better experience than her own.

Cast Me Healthy

Raised by a scientist, toughened by love, and taught by life. A bit lost in life? Need some encouragement? Meet Wendy Spencer the energetic Australian female actor slash counselor with a twist.