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Living your best life

Synopsis: At 25, an earthquake of a breakup upended my life. My 4,5-year relationship and my engagement came apart. I already felt “late” according to my “adult plans”. I thought: How am I going to restart everything? The demolition of my life up to then inspired me to look at all the elements left in it. I slowly realized, that most of us go through life on a sort of conveyor belt, according to a standard blueprint. Moving forward because well, everyone else goes this way. Instead of being mindful about our decisions. I am now 31 and I have rebuilt my little castle of life. Inspecting each stone with care: my work, values, and goals in life, my feelings, and needs, etc. I am working towards greater self-knowledge and acceptance regarding my disability, relationships and attractions, productivity, and perfectionism. Hoping and striving to avoid another shattering. I invite you to follow me on my never-ending journey to live the best life - which is unique for everyone.

Submitted by: Sara Vitrai

Category: Personal Growth

Nationality: Hungarian

Ethnic Groups: Hungarians

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

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28 votes on “Living your best life”

  1. You have always been self-conscious and independent. I have so much respect for everything you do. You show others how to be mindful.

  2. It takes great courage to not live according to expectations but really listen to ourselves and choose a life that is best for us. I hope Sara’s inspirational story reaches a lot of people who need it!

  3. Sára is a wonderful girl with a truly inspiring personal story with several unexpected twists. I would be really happy to see her story filmed.

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