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Humanity’s survival depends on recognising its shared origin. Storytelling has always been the glue throughout our history. With this ancient tradition and the magic of cinema, we give voice to individuals, the community, and therefore humanity.

Earth has...


nation is a community of people formed on the basis of a common language, territory, history, ethnicity, or a common culture.

Ethnic Groups

An ethnic group or ethnicity is a grouping of people who identify with each other on the basis of shared attributes that distinguish them from other groups.

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Indigenous Groups

Indigenous people are those ethnic groups that were indigenous to a territory prior to being incorporated into a national state.

Our plan...

Stage One

We are actively inviting individuals from around the world to participate with the goal to have a story represent every nation by the end of the decade.

Stage Two

Within the next ten to fifteen years, we're determined to have at least one story represent every ethnic group.

Stage Three

Our final goal is to capture at least one story representing every single indigenous group before the end of the century.

Are You In?

We are seeking people from all walks of life to share their stories, filmmakers to join our journey, and organizations to support our project.

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Our Vision

Is to encourage the global cohesion of humanity through our human-interest short documentary films, shining light on all aspects of life, social issues like human rights, indigenous and migrant rights, health, environmental protection, education, and more.

Our Mission

Is to produce, host, and distribute human-interest short documentary films featuring people from every country, state, city, and eventually village from around the world.

Our Management Team

Gabor Kukucska

Co Founder - Filmmaker

Janos Zoltan

Co Founder - Filmmaker

Vanessa Nash

Co Founder - Filmmaker

Kaleb Ufton

Advisor - Digital Marketing

Scarlett Pragya

Advisor - Human Rights

The Road So Far

Our origin story

Click to learn about our origins.

January 2017 - My Doco Club

After producing 22 vlog episodes Gabor was like "honestly, who cares about my life" and had a better idea. What if I "vlog other people's lives" and right there, "My Doco Club" was born. Obviously filming a story on someone else every day would be impossible so he thought "a new documentary every week... yeah I can do that" and vowed to produce 52 films in 2017.

May 2017 - The birth of INSPIREFLIX

About 8 films in, Gabor had another idea 🙂 ... [the dude has too many of those] ... "what if I could get other filmmakers on board and create more content" awesome! This is when the "My Doco Club" name was obviously no longer a good choice, but guess what! The domain was available! WHAT?! Gabor could hardly believe his eyes and quickly made the decision to immediately rebrand his little baby, and think about nurturing it for a bigger impact...

July 2017 - The Festival Circuit

During the rest of 2017, we have submitted most of our finished films to various film festivals in Australia and overseas. A great decision as the films have scored two Wins, two Finalist and nine Semi Finalist titles from the 22 Official Selections we've received from around the globe. Our most successful film was Lambert, taking out Best Documentary at CUFF 2017, Best Brisbane Documentary @ Watchdog Film Fest 2018 and Best Emerging Director @ Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2017.

January 2018 - Scarlett Joins INSPIREFLIX

The sole founder days were finally over when Scarlett Pragya joined forces with Gabor. Together they've re-engineered INSPIREFLIX and decided to give this shiny new v1.0 a good crack and apply to CEA's Collider accelerator.

March 2018 - We Collide under CEA's Supervision

"Your startup has been shortlisted for Collider Accelerator 2018 and we wish to offer you a place in our Selection Bootcamp" Yess! We prepared, we learned, we iterated and then finally on the 20th of March 2018 we battled it out among Queensland's most amazing creative startups. We did not make it into the cohort at that time but received lots of fresh wisdom and some mentor whiplash.

June 2018 - The rebirth

Like with most startups the beginning was challenging, however, our vision to connect people through short films showcasing inspiring everyday people was just too important to ever give up on. Once v1.0 has proven to be unsuccessful, we have decided to go back to the drawing board. In the meanwhile re-focused on finding more individuals to feature in new INSPIREFLIX films.

July 2018 - The 'Story To Film' idea

After just a month back in the studio, we've launched the "Story To Film" competition. First only in Queensland AU and then in other Australian centers with plans to eventually open globally.

January 2019 - Global Film Production

One of the most exciting change was when we've decided to help global charitable organisations to not only, capture content from all around the globe, but also do it ethically. We have vowed to always hire local filmmakers and pay them no less than the Australian rate, even if we're shooting in a lower socioeconomic region. We also provide free training to all our filmmakers to help them grow on their creative journey.

July 2019 - Stories From Around The World

Our mission is clear. Create human-interest short documentary films featuring life stories of everyday people from around the globe, while shining light on social issues like human rights, indigenous and migrant rights, health, environmental protection, education and more. All while helping positive brands reach a caring audience and paying ethical wages to creatives worldwide.

March 2020 - COVID-19 Pandemic

The "unexpected" have happened, and our entire global civilisation was threatened by a new coronavirus... we are really at the final hour to either unlock the "global unity" achievement in this AR game called life, or fail miserably...

October 2020 - International chapters

We have opened our first international chapters by accepting story submissions from a few locations around the world namely: Cambodia, Chile, China, Germany, Hungary, Pakistan, India, Israel, Lebanon, Philippines, Russia, Sierra, Leone, Spain, United States, and Zimbabwe.

to be continued...

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