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21 Reasons to Donate

Here are 21 reasons why you should support INSPIREFLIX with your donation.

INSPIREFLIX supports vulnerable individuals and communities around the world. We drive awareness and promote diversity and inclusion through our films. INSPIREFLIX produces a wide variety of stories that entertain and resonate with the viewers. More than that, these stories aim to inspire and effect positive change in their lives and in their communities. Donating to INSPIREFLIX will help us to break down barriers and build more diverse societies.
There are stories around the globe that need to be told and shared. Ordinary people whose life stories have potential to greatly impact viewers around the world. From the mother in the streets of India who tries to provide food for her family to a war veteran in Pakistan who wants to share about heartache and love. You might never know the difference you have brought in the life of a person or a family. INSPIREFLIX benefits any individual who has a remarkable story to tell.
INSPIREFLIX has over 30 film categories that may align with a cause you are passionate in. We can help drive your cause through creating more of these films. Take your pick. Which category will you donate for today?
We are determined to provide a space for the youth of today by telling their story through film. We recognise the youth of today who are facing challenges that include homelessness, mental health issues, financial insecurity. We provide them with a platform to influence and empower others to make a change in this world. Our films about youth demonstrate adolescence today as ambitious and courageous. They aspire for equality, for their voice to be heard, and find their purpose and place in the world.
Storytelling has the unique ability to influence society and build real connections. We have a variety of films in recognition of Human Rights around the world. Deeply moving and inspiring experiences as told by refugees and migrants going through and overcoming the challenges and struggles in their journey. From refugee camps to lengthy migration processes. These films portray the fundamental value of each person regardless of background, what we think, how we look, what we believe in. INSPIREFLIX intends to shape perspectives about Human Rights globally.
Did you know that INSPIREFLIX is now a charitable organisation? Your generous donation can now be claimed through tax. Instead of giving your hard-earned money to the government, you can opt to donate to INSPIREFLIX to enable us to create more human-interest short documentary films from around the world. Will you put your money in the government or will you use it to provide a free platform for people around the globe to break down barriers and create human connection?
Your freehearted donation to INSPIREFLIX helps fund local filmmakers around the world. Besides financial support, we help them achieve their visions and aspirations in the creative field. Secondly, supporting local creatives means creating with lower carbon footprint compared with larger companies; hence, giving our environment time to breathe and grow. Secondly, by supporting local creatives we can have a lower carbon footprint than larger companies; hence giving our environment time to breathe and grow.
Film is a very powerful tool to understand and learn about culture, but it also has the ability to change it. Culture is what we produce in our attempts to understand the world. Our documentaries captivate, inspire, and inform people. Our stories have the ability to bring communities together, foster new positive behaviours and bring about systemic change in society. With so much injustice in the world, your donation plays an essential role in helping us achieve our goal.
Human interactions make up 65% of storytelling, so imagine the positive influence INSPIREFLIX short story films can have on our viewers. We have many Heroes, people who lived through their hardest challenges and overcame them. Their stories are uplifting, influential, and energising for personal growth. They now have the inner strength to share their new knowledge of self-awareness, attitudes, and belief systems with the wider community and beyond.
Some of our storytellers have great knowledge on how to protect endangered species of plants and animals. Your donation to INSPIREFFLIX will support not just local environmental enthusiasts, but researchers and other organisations, and enable them to share their knowledge on environmental changes and solutions.
As we all know, the essential purpose of any charity is to make the world a better place. Our charity, INSPIREFLIX, will use your donation in creating ethically sourced stories to film. We highly value the importance of reducing our carbon footprint when producing our films. We do this by sourcing local filmmakers of where the story is produced, rather than the usual video production services and flying filmmakers globally. This entails supporting the local community financially as well.
Our community of filmmakers around the world are searching for individual stories to express what science today has to offer concerning innovation and sustainable development, and more. INSPIREFLIX aims to produce films expressed by individuals of Science to inform and assist humanity by generating solutions for everyday life and major global challenges like climate change, ocean health systems, and agriculture.
INSPIREFLIX has the capacity to make large ripple effects from individuals to communities around the world with your generous donations. From the moment we find our stories to the unveiling of our films, the stories have had a wide spreading effect inspiring viewers to make changes in their own lives, make steps to help others or even make grand gestures of change in communities.
This one might sound a little selfish, but donating to a worthy cause close to your heart can boost your happiness. It doesn’t have to be a large amount of money, even as little as $5 can increase the happiness in your heart. From among the different INSPIREFLIX film categories, there could be a worthy cause that would boost your happiness knowing that you made a difference through your donation.
It’s difficult to justify donating to an organisation if you can’t see where your donation goes. It is more motivating to be able to track how your specific donation will help drive progress and achieve visible impact. Every film created with INSPIREFLIX shows each step of a new film through our social media platforms – from the moment we receive a new story to the moment of its release. You will be updated often with how your funds have made a difference beyond our story tellers.
At INSPIREFLIX, we create a wide range of environmental films to educate and to effect change. We intend to present community and global environmental issues to the spotlight through the stories of individuals and their journey to make a change in their homes, communities, and/or worldwide. These short documentary films provide a space for individuals to express their concerns and ideas about how they can preserve the environment for generations to come.
Cultural practices like storytelling have passed down concepts and beliefs from generation to generation of First Nations People around the world since the beginning of time. It is our privilege to create short films to convey culture, history, and values told through individuals of the indigenous people. We are shining the light on the issues such as inequality, discrimination, and human rights violations in indigenous communities. Our films also provide a positive voice to assist in celebrating indigenous culture, perspectives, and beliefs through stories told by individuals of the First Nations People.
We have a variety of films dedicated to exhibiting the life-changing realities of women today through their stories. From equal rights to participation in education, society, economics to empowering women of the importance of self-worth, confidence, and freedom to choose. We have many empowering stories told by everyday women who have been faced with difficult challenges through their lives from the cycle of domestic abuse, mental illness, fighting cancer, and even the daily struggles of being a mother. All of which have shown their inner strength to move forward and empower others.
Story sharing is an effective way of healing and INSPIREFLIX provides a platform for people who might be facing mental health challenges. Through the art of telling their story through film, people can reconnect with themselves again and create a new journey of health and share this experience with others. Having our stories be told through film ignites our compassion and empathy for others allowing us to build connections with those people who need our support the most.
Our vision is to encourage the global cohesion of humanity. Our films about innovation provide viewers with informative opportunities to explore positive effective change in their local communities and beyond. Our Heroes sharing their stories about innovation provide us all with powerful tools to build an innovative market of ideas to support and assist change that we want to see in the world.
What matters to you? What future do you envision for yourself, your family, the society and the next generations? From science, human rights, wellbeing, leadership, LGBTQIA rights, and more. Commit to the change that you want to see in the world. When you donate to INSPIREFLIX you are not only supporting the individual or the society at large, but you are investing in the future, helping shape and build the world of tomorrow.

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