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We believe that independent unbiased documentary production can only be possible if it is founded by donors from the general public and not a few large stakeholders.
This is why INSPIREFLIX does not take on large investment but subsidises its budget from licensing it’s content, small public donations from the general public, and small, carefully selected sponsorships.

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Help Us Build The World's First Publicly Funded Global Broadcaster !

Growth Plan

Below is our simplified financial plan to fund the growth of INSPIREFLIX.
This is how the source of our revenue will change over time.


Our first goal is to be able to fund the production of at least one new film from 10 international locations every month, before the next stage.
$ 20,000
required monthly budget
  • 10 filming locations
  • 40% from public donations
  • 35% from philanthropic donations
  • 15% from sponsorships
  • 10% from licensing & other fees


In order to unlock STAGE 3, we need to be able to fund the production of at least one new film from 50 international locations every month.
$ 100,000
required monthly budget
  • 50 filming locations
  • 30% from public donations
  • 25% from philanthropic donations
  • 25% from sponsorships
  • 20% from licensing & other fees


During STAGE 3, our goal is to grow the monthly film release locations to 100 from around the world.
$ 200,000
required monthly budget
  • 100 filming locations
  • 15% from public donations
  • 15% from philanthropic donations
  • 35% from sponsorships
  • 35% from licensing & other fees


In order to fulfill the first major milestone of our long-term mission, we need to be able to fund at least one new film from 200 international locations every month.
$ 400,000
required monthly budget
  • 200 filming locations
  • 5% from public donations
  • 5% from philanthropic donations
  • 40% from sponsorships
  • 50% from licensing & other fees

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