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We believe that the survival of humanity mostly depends on how successful is our global collaboration.
Storytelling has always been the glue throughout our history, images and drawings have been used since the dawn of humanity to bring people together.
We use this ancient tradition of storytelling aided by the magic of cinema, to give voice to individuals, the community, and therefore humanity.

You’ll find more info about our vision and mission HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions
A: The entire project is provided 100% free of charge to individuals from the global general public.
A: The short answer no. It is ethically not feasible for the subject of a documentary film to be paid as it will make the film disingenuine. HOWEVER, we care about people and are aware that some live very challenging lives and every little bit can help. For this reason we will try to help in other ways through local NGOs. You’ll be able to indicate your financial and demographic status during your submission process.

A: We work with filmmakers all over the world, your story will be captured by a filmmaker local to you using our approved production method.

A: All our films are filmed by a single person on location and we adhere to COVID safe practices. We have media passes to keep on shooting the films in most regions.

A: It can take a minimum 5 hours to 8 hours. Depending on the story and the distance and number of locations.

A: Yes, in order to deliver your story in the best way possible an interview will take place. The interview is a very easy going process. If you are camera shy, please don’t worry, our filmmakers are very friendly and professional and they will make you feel very comfortable. It will be like telling your story through a friendly conversation.
A: All films will be screened through our website and multiple different media networks, as well as social media platforms. Our mission is to create a video library of stories for people to watch at any time to reconnect with themselves and others.
A: Yes, we are a global short documentary film studio. We have many different film makers around the world. You can be rest assured that we will find a filmmaker for the area that you live in.
A: Definitely yes, the filmmaker and editor will have consistent contact with you and will give you updates on the film’s creation. Before the film is released publicly, you will be able to make suggestions on the edit. Our goal is to represent you and your ideas, messages the very best way possible.
The Production Process

Here is how we do it...


The very first step in being featured on INSPIREFLIX is to register what we call a 'Hero' account. Yes that is you. The everyday hero everyone is waiting to hear from so don't wait too long!


Once you have registered an account, you will be be guided through a process starting with the submission of your pitch.

Social Buzz

We list your story on INSPIREFLIX where our followers (and your friends) help us determine the order we film them. This is a very important step that engages the core audience of your story early from the get go.

Pre Production

Next up is the very important pre-production phase, in which you'll provide us with as much detail as possible to determine which key elements of your story we'll focus on, and how exactly we'll construct your film.


Oh my! The big day. After a fair bit of a back and forth, we'll lock the production day schedule and film everything we need, to craft your cinematic documentary film. Exciting!

Post Production

Once we have everything we need, the teedius but fun process begins... let's put it this way... we usually capture around 180 to 240 minutes of material which we then slice-and-dice till only the five to ten minute diamond remains.

Promotion & Release

For every story we create a movie poster, a teaser trailer, and a number of preview videos which we all use to hype up the release of your film.


As soon as your story takes it's glorious place on INSPIREFLIX, we start promoting it to film festivals and other networks right around the globe. We hope you're ready to walk down the red carpet!

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