Terms and conditions

Here you can read our Terms & Conditions that covers you while dealing with INSPIREFLIX.

Terms & Conditions


Refers to INSPIREFLIX, its lessees, contractors or subcontractors, employees, agents or servants.



This refers to the individual or organization engaging the INSTITUTION to produce the MOTION PICTURE.



Refers to the short film produced by the INSTITUTION for THE CLIENT based on information, participants and locations supplied/organized by THE CLIENT.



Refers to the various packages and payment options offered by THE INSTITUTION for the production of the MOTION PICTURE.



Is to help the client reach and inspire others by producing a short-form documentary portrait film ( motion picture ) about their unique story.



The finished MOTION PICTURE will only be available via inspireix.com (can be shared or embedded to other websites) and all raw video and audio produced (RUSHES) will remain in the safekeeping of THE INSTITUTION.



All required shots for the MOTION PICTURE will be captured within 10 hours and will generally consist of:

  • Formal interview with THE CLIENT,
  • An activity or two that THE CLIENT normally does. This can be anything from going grocery shopping to skydiving,
  • An activity or two that THE CLIENT does with colleagues, employees, friends and / or family, to capture a few minutes of casual conversations,
  • Recordings of some personal and or business items, pictures, photo albums, trophies, books, collectibles, etc., anything that would relate to the story,
  • The neighborhood, a local park, beach, mall, street, building THE CLIENT usually goes to.


This agreement constitutes an order for the production of the MOTION PICTURE for THE CLIENT. It is understood that the copyright of all captured audio, video and image remains the property of THE INSTITUTION and may be used for advertising, display, or any other purpose thought proper by THE INSTITUTION. The editing, altering or changing of any parts, sections or sequences of the MOTION PICTURE is prohibited by anyone other than THE INSTITUTION. THE INSTITUTION is able to grant THE CLIENT copyright or the right to use the MOTION PICTURE or an alternative version only if THE CLIENT has chosen and fully paid the INFLUENCER package.


THE CLIENT assumes all responsibility to obtain all necessary permissions, clearance permits or admission fees which may be required to film at the desired locations, while THE INSTITUTION agrees to take responsibility to sign APPEARANCE RELEASE AGREEMENTS with everyone recognizable in the MOTION PICTURE as well as to obtain sufficient licenses for all music and effects used.


Although the utmost care and attention will be taken to capture all elements of THE CLIENT’s story, THE INSTITUTION can make no guarantee expressed or implied, that circumstances beyond the control or anticipation of THE INSTITUTION may have an impact on the final MOTION PICTURE. Furthermore, THE INSTITUTION is not liable for any loss or damage to video and/or audio recordings resulting from equipment failure, computer failure or transfer errors.


In the unlikely event that a problem arises due to illness, accident, loss of materials, equipment failure, or acts of God, THE INSTITUTION’s liability is limited to all monies paid by THE CLIENT for the production of the affected MOTION PICTURE. THE INSTITUTION reserves the right to suspend filming if it is deemed that the health and safety of our personnel or equipment is at risk. THE INSTITUTION will accommodate most weather conditions, however where excessive rain or humidity could damage both camera and sound equipment, certain exterior shots may be compromised. Every attempt is made to ensure that all the planned shots/scenes will be captured, however, there is no guarantee that every planned shot or scene will be recorded. Additional video can be provided by THE CLIENT to substitute any missing shots or can be purchased by THE CLIENT from any legal stock footage library. The inclusion of such material is at the full discretion of THE INSTITUTION.

THE INSTITUTION exercises full editorial discretion for the finished product. However, if changes are requested by THE CLIENT, it is at THE INSTITUTION’s discretion what if any changes will be made. In the event that changes will be made, the allowance of changes to the edit is up to the decision of THE INSTITUTION. All raw video and audio produced (RUSHES) will remain in the safekeeping of THE INSTITUTION.


THE INSTITUTION further agrees:

– to do it’s very best in the time and with the equipment available portraying THE CLIENT in the most professional manner,

– to seek out every opportunity to promote and distribute the MOTION PICTURE,

– to keep the MOTION PICTURE available via InspireFlix.com for as long as possible.


THE CLIENT also agrees:

– Promote inspireflix.com and their film for as long as possible,

– join and stay in the “INSPIREFLIX Updates” group chat and the “INSPIREFLIX – Originals” group (if on Facebook),

– like and share every INSPIREFLIX teaser as they premiere on Facebook for as long as possible,

– assist INSPIREFLIX in obtaining all the required “Location Release” and “Self Appearance Release” forms.



★ up to 10h HD shoot on location.

★ 5 to 15 min film.

★ 30 to 60-sec teaser video.

★ Three 30 to 60-sec preview videos.

★ Place on InspireFlix with your link.

★ Reoccurring social media promotion.