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Are you an independent filmmaker who can self-produce content?

Are you a little sick of the corporate or commercial world, and crave to create more meaningful films? You're at the right place.

1, Apply to be a producer.

2, Complete the selection process.

3, Start producing content.


If you align with our values, and have what it takes to produce films like the ones you see on INSPIREFLIX, then we would love to have you onboard!
  • Meaningful cause
  • International connections
  • Unparalleled revenue share
  • 10x growth potential


Join our global guerilla filmmaking network and see how we craft our cinematic short documentary films with minimal time and monetary investment.
  • Workshop valued at $500
  • Free access to our tools
  • Collaborative team
  • Free review & feedback


As an active producer, you can also submit human-interest, character-driven, short documentary films that you have previously made to showcase on the INSPIREFLIX website and apps.
  • Secure content stream
  • Growing active audience
  • Multiple channels
  • Mobile applications
  • Constant sales negotiations

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: INSPIREFLIX is a Nonprofit organisation that features people in short documentary films from around the world to aid global collaboration for the long-term survival and prosperity of humanity.

We are currently building a global team of dedicated independent filmmakers who are interested to become part of our project as co-producers.

Apply today!

A: Funds flow from two major streams. A foundation, that receives public, corporate and philanthropic donations, and a sales funnel that generates income from sponsorships, stock sales and by licensing our content to third-party networks.

The foundation’s purpose is to subsidise the up-front production costs, while the sales income is distributed as royalties.

A: Short answer is not yet. Our project is just not big enough yet. Given our relatively small content library and viewership, we all volunteer our skills and time at the moment. We’ll continue to do this until we reach certain milestones.

A: Our first milestone within STAGE ONE is to reach $20,000 a month in donations, $5000 a month from sponsorships, and $2500 a month from licensing.

We have a clearly defined growth plan that we’re happy to share with you a little further down the line. Apply today!

A: As an INSPIREFLIX co-producer, you’ll be entitled to a precentage of the total sales revenue generated. In general, the total sales revenue generated by a given film will be dissected as follows:

  • 20% is reinvested into the INSPIREFLIX fund.
  • 65% will go to the crew as a 50/50 split between the cinematographer and the editor, IF not the same person.
  • 10% will be equally split between all the songs used in the film
  • and 5% will go to the producer.

Please apply and we’ll be able to give you more details.

A: The minimum required equipment would be something like:

  • 1 x camera, Canon 5D MkII, or similar with cards and batteries. NOTE: We only shoot in HD for now to reduce the delivery footprint, so even if you use a RED or ARRI we’d ask you to either shoot in 1080p OR convert it before delivery.
  • 1 x 24-70mm or similar like 1 x 24mm and 1x 85mm preferably prime or good quality zoom lenses… HOWEVER, we do know that some of the regions we’d like to film, it is very expensive to own such lenses so we understand even is one has a cheap 18-105mm or similar.
  • For audio something like the TASCAM portable recorder (DR10L) with a lavalier mic (or similar) would be great… and you’d be best to have a set of two really…
  • 1 x monopod !!! to avoid handheld shots being shaky
  • 1 x tripod for interviews or static shots

A: This depends on your region. IF you’re from a developing country where it is difficult to own any equipment, then we will obviously do whatever we can to help you if you have the necessary skills. Just apply and get in touch to discuss how we might be able to help.

A: Have you not seen our films yet? Well then it is time for you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

A: When you are assigned to film a project, we’ll give you a very detailed list of background information about the person, the story, the key points, and much more.

A: We are on a slow and steady growth path and it is really up to you. Just start your application and if you’re selected, we’ll do our best to get you setup as soon as possible.

Check out our films

  • All
  • Activism
  • Alternative Education
  • Animal Welfare
  • Art
  • Asylum Seekers
  • Chronic Illness
  • Disability
  • Domestic Violence
  • Education
  • Educators
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Enviromental Activism
  • Environment
  • Equality
  • Female Leaders
  • Health
  • Human Rights
  • Human Rights Activism
  • Immigrants
  • Indigenous
  • Indigenous Elders
  • Indigenous Leaders
  • Indigenous Rights
  • LGBTQIA Rights
  • Leadership
  • Mental Health
  • Migrant Rights
  • Music
  • Natural Science
  • Nature
  • Nutrition
  • Performing Arts
  • Personal Growth
  • Racial Violence
  • Refugees
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Social Science
  • Sport
  • Sustainability
  • Visual Arts
  • Women's Rights
  • Young Leaders

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