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Frequently Asked Questions

A: First of all. Profiles are private! We DO NOT use your name, skillset, showreel, or any of your work to promote INSPIREFLIX. We ONLY list your profile photo and name above to show new filmmakers that we already have filmmakers on the platform. If that is unacceptable then you can exclude yourself from that list by leaving your profile picture empty.
A: We’ll pay 50% within 7 days after the shoot and the remaining 50% after delivery of assets. We will pay up to $100 AUD / hour for the shoot (this depends on your experience and equipment ranging between $75 – $100) Shoots will be either 5h, 10h, or 2x10h long and we will try to use camera operators that are nearest to the location to avoid travel costs. So you’ll get $500 for a 5h shoot, $1000 -> 10h, and so on and in some cases, IF you need to work extra, it will go higher. We will pay you, accommodation, and hire expenses IF it is necessary for you to travel, HOWEVER, we’ll try to avoid these if possible.

A: The hours are pre-determined for every shoot. The time starts when you arrive to the filming location, and finishes when you leave.

A: For international gigs, we prefer paying via PayPal as that platform protects both of us and as I’ve already pointed out, we’ll pay 50% upfront and 50% on delivery of assets. IMPORTANT!!! You will have to have a 100% completed profile (examples of your work, preferred payment info, a government ID, and a completed contractor agreement), then you will need to schedule a phone/video chat with us (I will do this personally for as long as I can do it). Only after these steps, you are ready to accept jobs.

A: It is hard to say how soon will you get hired for a shoot, but if you have no profile, then you’ll definitely miss out. We ONLY reach out once via LinkedIn and then it is up to you.

A: The minimum required equipment would be something like:

  • 1 x camera, Canon 5D MkII, or similar with cards and batteries. NOTE: We only shoot in HD for now to reduce the delivery footprint, so even if you use a RED or ARRI we’d ask you to either shoot in 1080p OR convert it before delivery.
  • 1 x 24-70mm or similar like 1 x 24mm and 1x 85mm preferably prime or good quality zoom lenses… HOWEVER, we do know that some of the regions we’d like to film, it is very expensive to own such lenses so we understand even is one has a cheap 18-105mm or similar.
  • For audio something like the TASCAM portable recorder (DR10L) with a lavalier mic (or similar) would be great… and you’d be best to have a set of two really…
  • 1 x monopod !!! to avoid handheld shots being shaky
  • 1 x tripod for interviews or static shots
A: This depends on your region. IF you’re from a developing country where it is difficult to own any equipment, then we will obviously do whatever we can to help you IF you have the skills.
A: Predominantly yes, you would be filming, and everything that is captured during the shoot, is then uploaded onto our servers within the platform. If you don’t have access to good internet, then we’ll post you a portable HDD which you’ll post to an upload location near you.
A: Yes if you want, you can also become an editor, however, you’ll need to use the same software (DaVinci Resolve) with the same project setup, folder structure and workflow as we do internally.
A: When you are assigned to film a project, we’ll give you a very detailed list of background information about the person, the story, the key points, and much more.
A: We’ll try to give enough notice to filmmakers but sometime we might need you urgently. Preferably nothing sooner than 7 days and most likely weeks in advance…

Some of our films

  • All
  • Art
  • Economy
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment
  • Family
  • Finance
  • Girls To The Front
  • Indigenous
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Mental health
  • Nature
  • Personal Growth
  • Physical Health
  • Science
  • Sustainability
  • Youth

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