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Warrior Within

Synopsis: A story of breaking generational patterns and stepping into your true personal power: your warrior within. As a child I remember trying to talk about the abuse but quickly learned it was taboo in the family. Fast forward to adult hood and I was still stuck in the same patterns. I was hiding in an abusive relationship and fighting depression. It was a dark time filled with a lot of inner turmoil. Something had to change. I had to ask the big question. What was I teaching my children about relationships on a generational level? During this time of transition I discovered essential oils and meditation. This was the birthing of my healing journey and reconnecting with my inner warrior. I was intuitively drawn to write a book about my healing experience to help heal multiply generations. By sharing my story of courage and hope, I honour my true self. We are continuously faced with challenges in our lives and have a choice to step into our personal power and embrace your warrior within.

Submitted by: Trish Nash

Category: Personal Growth

Nationality: Australian

Ethnic Groups: Unknown

Country: Australia

City: Gold Coast

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39 votes on “Warrior Within”

  1. Holly Loper

    You’re so very brave. I’m still trying to find the courage to tell my story. You’re and inspiration. I look forward to seeing your story come to life.

  2. Beautifully written Trish. You have overcome and learned from your hardships and moved on to become an empowered and inspirational person to many.

  3. Inspiring, sometimes the biggest fight we have is pushing through others limitations and standing in our own power.

  4. What an inspiration you are Trish….
    Thank you for sharing your story…
    I’m sure this will help others that have been in similar positions as you….

  5. I’d like to vote for Trish! She helped me with my postpartum mood. She is a very talented and inspiring individual. I love her story and would love to see her win. All the best Trish!

  6. Truly inspired to see Trish taking a bold step towards making a movie about revealing her inner self.

  7. Love your life story. You have really brought yourself up! Your life story will truly help others! So happy for you!

  8. Wow – generational patterns.
    We all have them but don’t realise they exist until someone speaks out.

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