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Warrior Within

A story of breaking generational patterns and stepping into your true personal power: your warrior within. As a child I remember trying to talk about the abuse but quickly learned it was taboo in the family. Fast forward to adult hood and I was still stuck in the same patterns. I was hiding in an abusive relationship and fighting depression....

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Living your best life

At 25, an earthquake of a breakup upended my life. My 4,5-year relationship and my engagement came apart. I already felt “late” according to my “adult plans”. I thought: How am I going to restart everything? The demolition of my life up to then inspired me to look at all the elements left in it. I slowly realized, that most...

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Chaos To Christ

My childhood and teenage years were full of struggle. My parents were controlling and strict. I started running away and rebelling from them from the age of 15 and eventually became a single mum at the age of 20. I had an alcohol and drug problem and was consumed in the party life and constantly getting stuck in toxic relationships...

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Always just one day at a time

My storyline is simple: born on the South-East of Hungary, moved to the capital to study and stayed for work. Could be any of you. Met this guy who broke me and I needed therapy. Since then, I am on a constant personal journey in my inner world. Trying to reflect the change on the world around me. A short...

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HomeCube From Inspiration To Empowerment

In December 2015 I went to India and had the opportunity to survey over fifty slum communities. What I saw there broke my heart but also inspired me to use my engineering skills to develop a solution and empower them out of poverty. That is how the HOMECUBE was born. I am starting with a $25,000 tiny house you can...

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