Love is Our Medicine

Synopsis: Johan Danno has lived a life most dreamed of. Selling everything after college and leaving on a one-way ticket to Australia at 22, Johan left South Florida with a degree in marketing, IT, partying, surfing and music. Rising to the top as an IT consultant in the corporate world, a series of highs and lows personified in a moment that changed his life and inspired him to quit his career to become a travelling musician & songwriter. Setting out chasing his dreams, Johan went from love to heartbreak, and from empty bars to packed shows with stages. A positive and happy face, his battles within and in private at times would rip him to shreds... until his work with plant medicines, meditation and spirituality, became his medicine for his anxiety, depression, and reason to create music. Using breakdowns to inspire breakthroughs, it was performing and living on the road out of a suitcase meeting people from rich and successful, to liars and drug dealers, Johan discovered what connects us all, and the richness life has to offer when the journey matters more than the destination. It's the unexpected turns. The moments shared with others we feel that is how we guide the ego, feed the soul, and bring light to keep us through our darkest moments. Join us on a tale of an artist and poet in the truest sense, telling stories where passion, ambition, talent, anxiety, hope and depression cross into an inspiring journey told authentically. Vulnerable. Real insights from what it takes to chase your dreams, befriend your demons, and discover how to travel the distance from your head to your heart.

Submitted by: Johan Coppers

Story Type: Short Portray

Story Location(s): Australia

Category: Leadership

Tags: NA

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79 comments on “Love is Our Medicine”

  1. Such a legend bro! Talented,humble, wise and great company! Love your story, music and time spent! Much love brother!

  2. You are an inspiration Mr Johan! Lot of people can benefit from journey from head to heart, it may just help them in their own journeys 🙂

  3. The brightest stars cast the darkest shadows, time to shine johan, share the love and good vibes.

  4. Legend of a dude, and a highly-skilled beer pong player haha… All the best brother, keep doing what you’re doing!

  5. Amazing artist, inspiring life and one of the best humans I know. This would be an incredible experiance to watch.

  6. This story gets to be documented!! I got to witness pivotal moments of the transformation. Transmuting $&@&& into love and creating joy and love in the world through music and medicine!!! Love it, please choose love!!

  7. Love always wins. This is a documentary that every person should see. It tells a story of life’s struggles and how all of us can prevail despite what seems insurmountable by finding purpose and passion. This is a story worth telling.

  8. Johan has a epic journey story and it’s not finished yet. He’s the inspiration man.
    Keep on keeping on.

  9. Johan is an inspiration as a musician, as an artist, and as a person. He has grown a lot over the years, and other people would benefit from hearing his story!

  10. Johan is the most prolific Polish artist in Australia at the moment. He has sang in shows around the world and now brings “Love Is Our Medicine” to all of us, to share a journey that will inspire all who aspire to live their dreams.

  11. Johan is the most prolific Polish artist in Australia at the moment. This is an awe-inspiring opportunity to embark on a journey of love, as his music takes him around the globe and his message of medicine cures hearts and minds. Gift yourself the dreams you aspire to manifest into your daily life.

  12. A man with a heart of pure gold that is infectious, keep radiating your beauty through your music brother

  13. It takes real courage to drop everything and chase your dreams. I have only met a select few who have done this, Johan keep going! Roadhouse!

  14. Johan’s “Love is Our Medicine”, and in fact all of Johan’s music is inspiring, soulful, and from the heart.
    I’m not saying that just because I’ve known the bloke for over a decade, and he’s a bro from another mo, I’m saying it because it is true, true, true.
    Love this guy ♥️

  15. Johan’s light shines bright with words of encouragement for those around him. Love always wins and music is medicine…

  16. Such a colourful human painting rainbows along the artwork that is life, radiating positivity through life’s journey. Johan you are truly a creative and inspiring soul! Keep up the amazing work my dude ✌️

  17. I am honored to be a part of your quest brotha from the lows to highs seeing you summon the inner strength in transforming your living situation, mindset, emotional well-being, and following your dreams – heart’s desires and soul’s purpose. “Love is Our Medicine” epitomizes who you are and Gets To Be Told! From one legend to another sending you amazing vibes 💫🤟🏼

  18. Inspiring journey, great story teller, incredible man with a power, passion and zest for life. With a deep respect and awareness of Self I feel your heart in everything you do Johan.

    Grateful to have witnessed this progression mostly first hand and excited to read the following chapters as they are written.

  19. Absolutely inspirational, so honoured and blessed to watch you on this journey.
    Will always support you ! You have been such a big inspiration in my life over the last 8 years.
    Can’t wait to see what you do in the next 8 years!!

  20. Johan is an inspirational dude that has lived an extraordinary life. I’d love to see this project come to fruition!

  21. Beautiful words from a beautiful soul. Always thinking of others. I would love to see this happen to help make this world a better place. Peqce and love

  22. Johan is the living representation of leading by example. Full of heart and sharp in mind with a peaceful and very inviting energy. Loved and
    highly respected by all. Especially for those with the eyes to see. I support anything he does as i trust his journey. Much love!!!

  23. love your vibes and you4 voice is one in a millon and gives me goosebumps brother 👌❤ never stop pressing forward and creating a better world with your music

  24. Awesome stuff Johan to see ya music on Spotify! I’ve been playing your tunes to the lads offshore and you’re got some new fans there! 🙌🤙🥳

  25. You’re a pillar of positivity Johann! Keep on keeping on big dog, excited to see what your future holds 🤙🏾

  26. David "Teck" Hostetter

    Johans story absolutely deserves to be told on a much larger platform. His heart, soul and mind not to mention his MUSIC have touched and impacted the lives of countless people all around the world. Best wishes to you my friend, I can’t wait to see your shining smile and hear your tasty tunes on the silver screen very soon. Much love brudda!!

  27. Some would call Johan’s life “living the dream”. It is far more complex and difficult than that. His life challenges norms and tilts at windmills, both externally and internally. Make no mistake, this journey is HARD. But he knows what the journey is worth and that wisdom is a goal worth pursuing. And that music is one of life’s greatest gifts. I can’t wait to see where his journey will lead him next!

  28. As a mindset coach for 30 years, Johan demonstrates the passion to live freely and with love. Maybe not always getting it “right” but never giving up and doing whatever it takes. His story could inspire snd motivate so many people to take their version of the risk he did.

  29. This is something I would LOVE to watch!! A truly inspiring & uplifting story, let’s spread & celebrate this message of love and freedom!

  30. My sweet friend Johan is an incredibly talented and beautiful soul and such an inspiration! His good vibes and heart felt lyrics, lifts the spirits of all those he crosses paths with and so will this movie, “Love is Our Medicine” ❤️ Aho!

  31. Such a lonving soul and a amazing singer. Love the way you share your art johan you deserve the best of it all. 💗💗✨✨

  32. Life is a journey and not a destination. Johan clearly lives by this principle and through his actions and positive vibrations not only allows but encourages others to take the leap of faith to follow their own dreams and live their best life.

  33. Truly humbled and grateful for the comments and support for this film! I promise to give and bring my all, so we may bring light to those that will go through the dark moments, have, or maybe are… and remember there is more. They are Not alone. Good Things are here, and beautiful things are coming.

    To show the beauty and ugly this world has to offer in a way that brings hope, not more hurt. There is unlimited beauty, both around us and within us, if we remember to look. I am grateful for everyone in my life, for you have helped make me into who I am – someone that is truly blessed, grateful to be here, living inspired to show what is possible with a mission to spread the love and music we all deserve, so we can walk each other home.

  34. My brother who’s song love is my medicine, has truly opened my heart since the first time I heard his powerful message in a song! The lyrics of this song, along side of his smooth masculine vocals shifted something inside of me! I can’t put my hand, however I’m sure many who have heard this song for the first time live, identify with what I’m saying! It truly opens your mind to believing & living by the principle of the fact that love is our medicine! This just one of his Power House songs that shifts people’s consciousness into a whole knew vibration! High Vibes all when at Johanns shows! Mad love & respect to one of the greatest musicians as well as human being ive ever met! Best of luck brother!

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