Maureen’s Journey- The Land that Healed Her.

Synopsis: Maureen Pickstone began her life in a little town on the South Island of New Zealand 86 years ago. At the young age of 13, Maureen’s mother passed away and she had to leave school and raise her 4 siblings. Eventually travelling to Australia and surviving a marriage of 13 years of domestic violence, Maureen left her husband and found 40 acres of Virgin bush with no power or water. She worked the land for 2 years. The land healed her. Some years later she decided to open her land to others by creating a healing space called Kupidabin Wilderness. A place of peace and harmony with the goal of helping to preserve the beliefs, traditions and ceremonies of indigenous cultures of Australia and world wide. Since 2007, Maureen has hosted the Bi- Annual Gathering of the Four Winds. A diverse group of Cultural Leaders, Teachers, Elders of Aboriginal, Hawaiian, Pacific Island, Maori, Native American come to share their Traditional Teachings. Maureen also sponsors a program for suicidal and bullied high school students with autism in her Cultural Centre on the land restoring their lives back to Peace and Harmony.


Story Type: Documentary

Story Location(s): NA

Category: EnvironmentIndigenousIndigenous EldersLeadershipNature

Tags: NA

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