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With over 3000 qualified filmmakers worldwide, unbeatable yet fair pricing, and an important purpose, INSPIREFLIX is the best content producer for your charitable, nonprofit or b-corp organization.

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Filmed in Cambodia
Filmed in Zimbabwe
Filmed in Australia
Filmed in Hungary
Filmed in Tanzania & India
Filmed in Vanuatu

The Production Process

The Need

Identified the need to capture the impact of your work.

The Request

You submit a new production request.

Pre Production

The producer creates a production plan.

The Filmmaker

We engage one of our verified filmmakers for the project.


We capture all the necessary content for your film.

Post Production

We create all the various content pieces.

Some of our charity partners

Ethical Pay For All Creatives

While you save time and money, you also empower our local-to-story filmmakers, as we pay Australian industry standard rates ($100/h) to creatives everywhere around the world!

Profits For Charity

When you produce your video content through INSPIREFLIX you help us to produce more free-to-view human-interest short films as 100% of our profits are donated into our charitable foundation.

This way we keep producing unbiased and objective content shining light on complex personal, social, cultural and economical issues.

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