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Synopsis: How do we transcend our identities and value Earth as our home? Cosmopolitan to the core, I identify as a global citizen, or rather, a cosmocitizen. With beginnings in Poland, I had a migratory childhood via the refugee camps of Italy to multicultural Canada. Soon after, I began my own globetrotting quest, taking the path of a humanitarian and moving around the world in service to humanity, finding myself in various migration contexts, this time as an aid worker. A decade of working with the United Nations had taken me to many places around the planet, and when I returned to Europe, I began to explore more deeply the multiple crises that had become the norm. Making Hungary my home base for many years allowed me to delve further into my life’s work in human rights. Now another life transition is about to take place, testing the spirit and potential of cosmocitizenship.

Submitted by: Magdalena Smieszek

Category: Human Rights

Nationality: Canadian, Polish

Ethnic Groups: Polish

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

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