Taking Ownership of My Own Learning Path

Synopsis: What do you do if you can't afford to study at college? In the era of the internet when content is freely available; Will you take ownership of your learning? Will you design your own learning path to fulfill your creative needs instead of waiting for someone? Meet Ankit Khandelwal, who has pioneered personalized learning for all. Done with just an internet connection and easily available resources, his journey could help millions of others living in remote corners of the world who have no access to a formal college education. Hailed by UNESCO as the future of higher education, his work has been globally recognized with publications in Harvard & MIT. Translated into 100+ languages, his work addressed 21st-century skill development challenges and hybrid learning as one of the possible solutions.

Submitted by: Ankit Khandelwal

Story Type: Short Portray

Story Location(s): India


Tags: NA

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2 comments on “Taking Ownership of My Own Learning Path”

  1. wow what a project I am also a lifelong learner leaving school at 15 and completing a PHD when in my seventies I am interested, and would love to know more!

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