Akili Australia

Synopsis: Akili is a Swahili noun. It means intelligence, resourcefulness, wit. Since time immemorial, the Swahili language has connected different tribes, cultures and nations through commerce. Akili aims to do the same; connect women with vastly different life experiences through their art, their unique styles and the products they make and use. By connecting artisans in Tanzania, Ecuador and Brazil with Australian consumers, we empower vulnerable women and their culture through commerce. We offer carefully crafted ethical fashion accessories and homeware handmade in developing communities by social entrepreneurs. Each item makes a statement, and every piece aims to shape a better world for both user and maker, one product at a time. My name is Fabiana. After working with female Social Entrepreneurs in Tanzania, I decided to create a platform to sell their handmade products in Australia with my partner Vlad da Cunha. We believe that by supporting artisans in the global arena, we preserve cultures at risk of disappearance. In our view, craftsmanship also provides a sustainable alternative to problematic industries, like fast fashion, whilst it empowers women in communities where their fundamental rights are often overlooked.

Submitted by: Fabiana Alvarez

Story Type: Short Portray

Story Location(s): Australia


Tags: NA

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3 comments on “Akili Australia”

  1. Akili – Wow!…What a story to tell. A fundamental, basic respect I hope will grow and grow for ‘cultures’ sake.

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