I Owe My Life To Vietnam War

Synopsis: My grandfather was the army secretary at the time through different events. He once tasked Mary, his daughter to deliver a package while in Laos, Vietnam, to my father Charle's work. He and Mary wed. My father was in the US Air Force, I was born on a US Air Force base in England. Having a beard grayed from LSD and having faced death after a near fatal assault in Canberra, surgical metal plate in his head, Bruce has fought and overcome challenges most would not dream, living now in Brisbane.

Submitted by: Craig Porter

Story Type: Short Portray

Story Location(s): Australia


Tags: NA

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5 comments on “I Owe My Life To Vietnam War”

  1. Olivia Richman

    This sounds like an intense and real story. Craig, I would love to hear your story because mental health and veterans are topics our society tends to shy away from. I think it would be powerful if your story was shared.

  2. I would love to hear your story and give you a voice. Thank you for your sacrifice in fighting for our freedom. Forever grateful.

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