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HomeCube From Inspiration To Empowerment

Synopsis: In December 2015 I went to India and had the opportunity to survey over fifty slum communities. What I saw there broke my heart but also inspired me to use my engineering skills to develop a solution and empower them out of poverty. That is how the HOMECUBE was born. I am starting with a $25,000 tiny house you can park in your backyard ready to move into from day one. I'm hoping that this will help provide an affordable housing option here in Australia that sits between the dead money of rent and a lifelong mortgage. But my dream is to take HOMECUBE overseas and see slums empowered.

Submitted by: David Nelson

Category: Innovation

Nationality: Australian

Ethnic Groups: Unknown

Country: Australia

City: Brisbane

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3 votes on “HomeCube From Inspiration To Empowerment”

  1. Olivia Richman

    I absolutely LOVE this innovative idea. I always saw the shanty towns around the world and thought, That’s so sad. But this actually takes that thought – that’s so sad – and creates a solution to it. Beautiful. Thank you for creating a better world.

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