THC- Tobie’s Health Chronicles

Synopsis: My name is Wuttinut ( Nickname: Tobie)and I live in Thailand with my wife, two daughters and my mother. When the Thai government decided to make smoking and selling weed legal in September 2022 I decided to sell weed to support my family. I think weed is very good for health reasons and i want to help people to relax and sleep. When i was young about 20 years old i use to drink a lot of alcohol and weed to party. I met my wife and i no longer drank and smoke. More than 15 years later now that weed is legal, I now only smoke to sleep and sell to help others do the same.

Submitted by: Wuttinut Sandkittitavikron

Story Type: Documentary

Story Location(s): NA

Tags: NA

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1 comment on “THC- Tobie’s Health Chronicles”

  1. I am really looking forward to this film. Especially now that it is legal to smoke weed. It will be interesting to see a family man’s perception about selling weed.

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