5 Reasons to Tell Your Story on Film

A human story is an aggregate of knowledge, experiences, values, and heritage assimilated into the life of an individual. YOU are a walking story in progress, continuously evolving and creating an impact throughout your lifetime – and even beyond. Sharing a snippet of your life is not merely telling a story, but leaving imprints of the aggregate elements that make up who and what you are.


INSPIREFLIX endeavors to take your story to a tangible and purposeful level. Consider these five reasons to tell your story with us, on film:

The combined potentials of motion picture and sounds in conveying your story.

If a picture paints a thousand words, imagine how much more a film can bring to life the information, insights, and emotions that you want to share. 

Interactive medium

The auditory and visual elements in a film can captivate and immerse the audience in ways that an oral or written piece could not. Whether it’s the relatability and portrayal of the characters, the ambient noise or music, the scenery, the setting – any of, or all these can draw the viewers further into your story and elevate the storytelling experience for them. 

Create connections

The story creates a bond that holds the filmmaker, the crew, the actors, the environs, and the audience together; a film is the conduit through which connections flow and form.

Accessibility through technology

Today, technology has enabled us to take our stories across borders and boundaries. Films can now be viewed not only on television & movie screens, but literally at one’s fingertips through the digital screen, on your tablet or mobile device. Harnessing this technology, a film breaks down the barriers of human and physical limitations. A refugee in some war-torn area, a teen-ager going through depression, or a first-time parent taking care of a newborn, a film about one’s struggle or triumph, however big or small, could be someone’s inspiration or lease on life. 

Stimulus for action and a catalyst for change

A film is a powerful medium that can turn passive emotions into action or bring about change in the hearts and minds of the audience. Off the list of the University of Southern California’s 15 films of 2018 that left a social impact is “Shoplifter,” a

movie about a family who resorts to shoplifting as a means to survive. Before seeing the film, a viewer may have had strong conviction against stealing but following the lives of the family unfold, watching their deprivations, their struggle, one could end up finding humanity in the characters resonating one’s own. These people could be any of the homeless lot you passed by somewhere, one who does odd jobs for you, or they could be YOU at some point in your life. Such is the influence a film can hold and the impact your “ordinary” story may have on someone, in some place, at some time.

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