Enrich your Life: G I V E

We think of riches as everything of value that we have - material possessions, power, and authority over people, a sphere of influence in situations and events affecting ourselves or the people around us. We strive, we struggle, we latch onto these things, and to whatever else that gives security and purpose to our existence. Further down the road, we anticipate contentment and happiness waiting for us. Can we or have we determined how far we need to go to get there? 

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. No one knows when the heart will beat its last. We plan and work on our dreams and goals for the future but often miss out on how we can enrich our lives in the here and now. Each day brings some measure of contentment and happiness if you live to G. I. V. E.


GIVE in or GIVE up

Give in when you must; go with the flow. Some things unfold in their own time. Life leaves you gasping for breath when you have to assert yourself in everything at all times like one who swims continually against the current to get across the river. Either you reach it all spent up or you drown.

Life is a battlefield lived out daily; choose your battles. Giving up requires as much wisdom and courage as taking up one. As an old saying goes, "He that fights and runs away, may turn and fight another day; but he that is in battle slain, will never rise to fight again."


IMPART (something) of yourself

Each one of us has something of ourselves to give. There is joy in giving and it comes in a multitude of ways and forms.

  • Finances or material possession
  • Time
  • Skill or Talent
  • Laughter, a listening ear, your company
  • Words of empathy, encouragement, or inspiration
  • Truth, gratitude, understanding & patience

SMILE. To a loved one, a friend, a co-worker, or some random stranger, it may be the only positive thing in the moment that uplifts and gets them through the day.

Above all, FORGIVE. Holding on to anger, resentment, or grudge disables you, much as extending forgiveness enables the giver to live free from a burden weighing one down.


VENTILATE thoughts and feelings

Mental illness kills. The World Health Organization states that more than 700,000 people die from suicide every year. Psychotherapy is always, if not in all, involved in the treatment of depression. Ventilating your thoughts and feelings is therapeutic. Talk to someone, find release for whatever is building up in your heart and mind. Investing in good and healthy relationships will set you off to a good start.


EMBRACE LIFE in its fullness

Life is a journey that runs the whole gamut of the highs and lows – love and hate, pleasure and pain, peace and chaos, triumph and defeat. As sentient beings, we go through these emotions our whole lives. We are also endowed with a critical mind and free will to determine our paths, and the course to take. Yes, there are things within our control and things that are not. However, by embracing life in its fullness we are rendered whole. 

In this material world, we are valued by what we have, not by what we let go of. Set this mindset aside, recalibrate your compass, and embark on a life greatly enriched by what you G. I. V. E.




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