There is a documentary out there titled ‘Porndemic’ which looks at the pornography industry and the HIV outbreak in the 1990’s. This blog post isn’t about HIV/AIDS but about liberation and oppression with the rise of porn around the world, sex education and how sex is viewed within the space; with how this translates into …

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Collaboration not Competition

An Innovation, Technology & Design Summit recently took place in Sydney, with the goal of businesses sharing their efforts and contributions towards sustainability. A lot came out of the many sessions which took place with a range of topics including fashion, technology, medicine and health care, food, packaging, transport, circularity and manufacturing. Understanding further about …

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Labour Pains

Invisible labour, as work which is unpaid and minimally recognised, has been a hot topic for a while and something more comprehensively explored, given the increased number of women in the workforce today. Invisible labour is still an issue today with the amount of work outside of paid employment that people still have to complete. …

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Social Same

A lot of social activism appears to be about change and supposedly changing for the better. This in a way makes sense although I also think it’s important to recognise the values and behaviours from the past which were good and strive to maintain them; or work towards bringing some of them back. Today I’m …

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Thank You!

“Thank you” is an overused phrase, perhaps also the most undervalued, diminished by constant use. Ironically, it may also be one that we don’t have enough of on a deeper level. Gratitude, experts say, is a thankful appreciation for what one receives. In life’s convoluted web of relationships and social entanglements, it’s refreshing to indulge …

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