Baby Dante’s Hearing Loss Journey

Synopsis: Welcome to the Journey of Dante's Hearing Loss. Born Deaf, We received our first set of Hearing Aids at 3.5wks old, after one year and no progress with access to sound, Dante was Implanted with Cochlear Implants, 1 month after his First Birthday. BOOM, We have access to sound! Now He can hear his mum and dad for the very first time. We continue to learn Auslan Sign Language, and provide others with Auslan through our daily Tiktok Videos, and creating awareness about deaf children within our community.

Submitted by: Kirsty Pascoe

Story Type: Short Portray

Story Location(s): Australia


Tags: NA

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22 comments on “Baby Dante’s Hearing Loss Journey”

  1. I love watching Dantes journey and would love to hear more, you are so strong woman!!

  2. Kim Lee

    Dates story is amazing and deserves to be heard! His family are so amazing and his mother is an incredibly strong woman!!

  3. I’m not biased at all just because I am Kirstie’s Grandmother in law, but she is doing such a fabulous job with Dante. You can see the love and determination she puts into all that she does for him as well as having time for her young daughter Sophia and husband Rafael. She manages to do everything with finesse and love. She posts little videos of her teaching him something new every day and I, along with other family and friends look forward to seeing Dante’s progress.

  4. My first reaction to be being told that my grandson was born deaf was a typical “he’ll be right (Australian reaction), advances in technology will help him.” When i went home and the reality set in I spent the next couple of hours crying. Dante will face and have to deal with things in his life that we’ve never experienced, however saying that he will and does have the best start in life being born in Australia into a fully supportive wider family and a fantastic mother who will ensure that Dante reaches his full potential in life.

  5. Being Dante’s father, I know first hand what he and mum goes through daily, they both truly deserve to have our family story shared

  6. I’ve known Dantè and his mother for just over a year now. I met Dantè before he had Cochlear implants & to see the difference between then and now is incredible. To see the lengths his mother goes to, to show and give him everything he needs is so heartwarming, to see him react better and better to his surrounding daily is a blessing in itself. This boy and his mother are a true inspiration!

  7. I’d love to hear more about Dante’s journey!
    I love seeing the videos you have posted 🥰

  8. I’m so blessed to be apart of Dantès journey . I’ve seen his growth first hand, Dante and his mummy have accomplished so much and still amaze us everyday. You’re both so strong. We need more stories like this out there.

  9. An important journey to follow – a young child learning Auslan and speech with a cochlear implant. I’ve been following Dante’s journey on tiktok and would love to see it in a proper documentary form for others to see.

  10. This is definitely a story worth sharing with the world, Kirsty is an outstanding mother who has incredible dedication to her family, Dantes journey has been totally inspiring and deserves to be seen by all.

  11. Deanne Sheehan

    Amazing story what a strong family and little boy xox love following his journey.

  12. Michelle Pascoe.

    I would absolutely love for my daughter and handsome grandson to have an opportunity to tell their story and have to much to share.

  13. I watch your tiktoks and you try so hard as a mother. Would be great to see your story

  14. Shannon Pascoe

    I am Dantès Uncle
    I see the struggles Kirsty deals with and everything she does for Dantè, she deserves to share her story

  15. Heather Macpherson

    Both my parents in law are deaf and I also have a hard of hearing/deaf cousin, so following along with Dante’s story has really helped me learn more about auslan and teaching my toddler the basics so he can also have the opportunity to communicate with his grandparents and big cousin. I would love to see Dante’s story featured as its very inspirational and I strongly believe its a story that needs to be shared.

  16. Love watching kirst & Dante & family on their journey with signing & all the beautiful special moments.. especially when Dante first signed mum to his mama. So special. Definitely worthy!!

  17. Have been following Dante’s journey on TikTok, have also learned a lot of signs for my non verbal little one. Hope to see more of the amazing work you have been doing for this little man and others.

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