My name is Mitchell Lancaster, I'm a 24 year old singer songwriter. I have struggled against, and learnt to work with my mental health issues throughout my teen years (and many others). When I was 16 years old, I attempted to take my own life. 2 years later, I was introduced to music. I have always had a passion for creating and sharing stories, and music was a light that showed me that I was able to transmute my own struggle into a narrative that could, perhaps, land for others and resonate with experiences that are not so isolated as we may believe. "Winter" is a song I have written myself and produced with my band Dreams of Indigo, and comes at the tale of mental illness from the perspective of an old lover - one who you fail to lock the doors on time and time again. Sharing this story has allowed me to move productively with my own pain, and opened my eyes to the stigma that surrounds these struggles, and my own desire to demystify it.

Submitted by: Mitchell Lancaster

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Category: Health

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