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Always just one day at a time

Synopsis: My storyline is simple: born on the South-East of Hungary, moved to the capital to study and stayed for work. Could be any of you. Met this guy who broke me and I needed therapy. Since then, I am on a constant personal journey in my inner world. Trying to reflect the change on the world around me. A short volunteering in Cambodia to teach English. For a while weekly visitor in a children's home to help out. Volunteer wannabe-trainer at Heroes' Square Foundation. Diversity addict. A little of everything is better than a big shot of just one thing. Conscious of the environment, of the diet and the relationships. Grown into a sports person. Struggling with laziness and constantly changing focus. But I cannot stop trying to become a better person, a "more me" everyday, step by step, sometimes back but still, more and more forward. No story to tell, really, I am just a girl-next-door...

Submitted by: Áges Gazsó

Category: Personal Growth

Nationality: Hungarian

Ethnic Groups: Hungarians

Country: Hungary

City: Budapest

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7 votes on “Always just one day at a time”

  1. Olivia Richman

    “I am just a girl next-door” – !!!!! This resonates so greaty that I’m going to reach out to Ages after I post this comment!!! This is ME. I couldn’t describe myself better and I feel this would resonate with millions of others out there. Insightful, relevant and authentic. LOVE, love love.

  2. I feel your driven and motivated by the ever changing world around you, even though you have been through heart ache I read with joy that you still have faith in mankind. Keep up the happiness!
    Q. Do you journal?

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