Always just one day at a time

Synopsis: My storyline is simple: born on the South-East of Hungary, moved to the capital to study and stayed for work. Could be any of you. Met this guy who broke me and I needed therapy. Since then, I am on a constant personal journey in my inner world. Trying to reflect the change on the world around me. A short volunteering in Cambodia to teach English. For a while weekly visitor in a children's home to help out. Volunteer wannabe-trainer at Heroes' Square Foundation. Diversity addict. A little of everything is better than a big shot of just one thing. Conscious of the environment, of the diet and the relationships. Grown into a sports person. Struggling with laziness and constantly changing focus. But I cannot stop trying to become a better person, a "more me" everyday, step by step, sometimes back but still, more and more forward. No story to tell, really, I am just a girl-next-door...

Submitted by: Áges Gazsó

Story Type: Short Portray

Story Location(s): Hungary

Category: Leadership

Tags: NA

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9 comments on “Always just one day at a time”

  1. Olivia Richman

    “I am just a girl next-door” – !!!!! This resonates so greaty that I’m going to reach out to Ages after I post this comment!!! This is ME. I couldn’t describe myself better and I feel this would resonate with millions of others out there. Insightful, relevant and authentic. LOVE, love love.

  2. I feel your driven and motivated by the ever changing world around you, even though you have been through heart ache I read with joy that you still have faith in mankind. Keep up the happiness!
    Q. Do you journal?

  3. OMG, totally resonates with me. It’s so difficult for people like us to be accepted by society. We grew up with so many colourful markers in our hands and we want to fill out pages with the colours of the world. Sending you a big hug from Barcelona.

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