Chaos To Christ

Synopsis: My childhood and teenage years were full of struggle. My parents were controlling and strict. I started running away and rebelling from them from the age of 15 and eventually became a single mum at the age of 20. I had an alcohol and drug problem and was consumed in the party life and constantly getting stuck in toxic relationships with bad guys. My life was a mess until I surrendered and called out to God for help at the age of 27. Within 1 year my life changed, I found the man of my dreams, I went from broke to wealthy, I started a new life in a new city and built a new family. Since then I've been able to build a 7 figure business helping to reduce poverty in the Philippines. My life changed because I found God and I want others to find him too. Life doesnt have to be your own struggle, you can rely on God's help to guide you through.

Submitted by: Linh Podetti

Story Type: Short Portray

Story Location(s): Australia

Category: Leadership

Tags: NA

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18 comments on “Chaos To Christ”

  1. My parents were also in the Vietnam war and escaped/migrated in 1980 and built up their new lives in Melbourne. This sounds like a great story that lots of Australians will resonate with. Everyone loves an underdog story! Hope we can see this on the screen!

  2. Growing up in Australia in a Vietnamese immigrant household adds even more complicated layers to what you’ve gone through too, so it is inspiring to see your life path turn into something so great! Your story of resilience and generosity will continue to inspire so many to make a change in their life and a social impact too.

  3. Always inspiring people to live their best life and achieve their full potential!

    All the power to you Linh! ⚡️

  4. Fiona Clemente

    “Only God can turn a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, a victim into a victory.”

    Would love to see more of Ms. Linh’s testimony that could inspire people to know God and turn their lives around for the glory of God.

  5. I’m proud to have witnessed your journey Linh. Going through our teenage years together, seeing you hit rock bottom, not understanding the decisions you made and why, to the strong, independent, motivated and successful woman you have become. I have always been proud to call you a friend (as no matter what stage in life you were at, you have always had a heart of gold), but it’s nice that having faced so much adversity and achieving so much success you are still our beautiful and humble linh with a heart of gold. Keep motivating the masses!!!

  6. So inspiring and profound Linh!
    There is always FAITH, HOPE and POSSIBILITIES. We just have to have the courage to choose it, tap into it, access it, staying with it.
    Thank you Linh for sharing 🙂

  7. Rowenda Villar

    The strength you had – so inspiring! I’d love to see more of your story Linh!

  8. What a great achievement and long and great journey Linh! I am super proud of the girl that overcame her struggles to now helping others. You have the kindest heart and best soul and remember you can always achieve what you set your mind to.

    Love always your biggest supporter x

  9. So inspiring! would love to hear your story on how you turn your life around and found God.

  10. Love your story Linh! I too came from a broken home and starting life as a refugee in Australian, a strange country whose language and culture are foreign to mine. It takes courage and perseverance to survive and thrive. But these adversities make us who we are today.

  11. So inspiring and encouraging. Would love to hear more of your story and for others to be inspired and to know that there is God in heaven who loves them and sees them and can turn things around for the better if we let Him.

  12. This is so inspiring! Thanks for sharing Linh. I am so grateful that you found God cuz I am one of those Filipinos who you helped to secure a dream come true kind of work almost 6 years ago.
    Hope you’ll be able to help more people and continue to inspire us.

  13. You have an amazing story Linh, thank you for sharing. I would love to watch your film to find out more about how you as a single mother was able to go from a rebel to a successful millionaire. Keep up the good work.

  14. Wow! Your story is amazing Linh. Things can always turn around as long as we don’t give up hope. This is a great reminder of that. Very inspirational.

  15. Love stories like Linh’s. God grace is for everyone and I am so happy to see another soul is saved. Linh’s mission in life is also inspiring. We are in all kingdom expansion.

    Duy Le

  16. What an amazing story I can’t wait to watch and to see how you transformed your life to where you are now and creating a 7 figure business.

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